Friday, December 14, 2007


Here is a quote from a book I've been reading..."The bottom line is this: You still have to be remarkable if you want to get remarked about." How true is that? The book I'm reading is a business book but I'm reading it with the mindset of Church. Applying this comment to the Church will do wonders. I have heard that 80% of Church growth comes from word of mouth. So, the question is what are people saying about the Church? We could get a billboard, run an ad in the paper, or do any other type of advertising and whatever message we want will get out. The problem, most of our growth doesn't come from that avenue. It comes from what the people who experience it are telling their friends and co-workers. So, if we want to be remarked about we must be remarkable in what we do. Does this mean perfection? Absolutely not! However, it does mean excellence. I have really been thinking alot about this lately. The secular world gives their "A" game but I think many times in the church we just do enough to get by from week to week. It's not easy, but it's our job as messengers of the greatest love story in the world to do a remarkable job, and if we do...we will be remarked about in a remarkable way!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brookland Christmas Parade: 3-peat

Yeah, we had two big guns...we shot t-shirts, candy, stuffed animals, a soda (not kidding here) & anything else we could fit down the barrel. It looked like it was going to rain the whole time but God held it off. I kid you not, it started pouring down rain when we pulled into the parking lot with the float. We had just enough time to race to the truck and pull away. Great timing! It was should've been there.

Friday, December 7, 2007

1st Place Float!

Well, as you can see from the Jonesboro Sun...we won 1st place last night in the Jonesboro Christmas Parade. The really exciting part, though, we didn't get kicked out. We had two air guns shooting stuffed animals & t-shirts into the crowd. People were going crazy. We even shot two (that I know of) on top of a couple buildings downtown. We accidentally added a tad too much pressure in the gun...I'm not sure who to blame. Also, we hit one guy right on top of the head and he wasn't too happy about that. I know who to blame for that, but I won't mention his name on here. Seriously, it was a lot of fun doing ministry last night. I hope the people that caught the shirts or stuffed animals with our webpage on them will check us out. We are also going to enter the Brookland Parade, scheduled for Sunday, but there is a 70% chance of showers, so it's looking as though they may re-schedule that one. We have won that one 2 years in a row, but it's not really about that, it's about the ministry...gotta go...I need to check on some 3-peat shirts!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Parade

Tonight is the Jonesboro Christmas Parade. It all starts at 7:00 p.m. and wouldn't you know's cold today. We will be getting in line on Cherry Street & our float is #52 I believe...all the information can be found on this page. Just follow the link and click on Christmas Parade. The rules for tonights parade are pretty throwing giving away any items of advertisement. So, what are we doing? Yeah, we got a big honkin' gun and we're gonna blow t-shirts, beanies & stuffed animals into the crowd. We'll probably get kicked out of the parade. The float this year is pretty cool and different. The theme for the parade is "Christmas through the Decades." Our approach is a little different. Rather than go back in time we are going forward. 1/2 of the float is 2007 and the other half is 2207. There is a cross in the middle of the float which signifies that Jesus never changes (which is written on the side of the float). So, it looks pretty good and if you want to come out tonight and have a good us in downtown Jonesboro @6:30. See ya!