Friday, October 31, 2008

Funny Halloween Pranks

Don't do anything crazy tonight! See ya Sunday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Questions without Answers

1. How did ArcherHill Chili not win 1st place? Sauteed onions, bell peppers, 3 different colors of beans???

2. Did James really make this?...or just take the credit?

3. How long did Weston leave this painted beard on his face?

4. She gets booted and she stays. Are you kidding me???

5. Will this show ever come on again...and will I care?

6. Was this an accident?

7. How did we not win??? Homegrown tomatoes...come on people!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Flag football

Keep in mind...this video was shot with a camera...not a 'video camera.' It's a little over 6 minutes long and low quality, but it has been enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christian Brainfarts

We all know what a brainfart is, right? It's when we have a thought or make a choice that later reveals our stupidity. Well, being in the ministry for several years, I've noticed some brainfarts by Church people that have been...well, rather stinky. Here's one. Focusing on ourselves every Sunday and not giving a care in the world to the guest. I notice that most of us come to church Sunday after Sunday thinking..."what will I get?"..."will the sermon speak to me?"..."will they sing my song?"..."will I get my needs met?" We easily feast our eyes on ourselves and take them off of the guest. It's easy to do and we all do it. Many of us do it often and most of us probably do it every weekend. However, when do we see a change? The Sunday we show up with someone that 'we' invited. That particular Sunday, everything changes. We call the Pastor to make sure he's preaching on something that will be relevant to the guest, we ask the worship leader about the songlist to make sure our guest will enjoy it, we get to church on time so we will be ready to make our guest comfortable, we check with the nursery and make sure someone will be available when our guest drops off their children, etc. The conditions have to be perfect...everything must be done with excellence...because WE have brought a guest on this Sunday. What happens after that? Well, if they are not planning to come back next's back to normal. Show up late, who cares about the nursery?...and the songs better be something I like and the sermon better speak to me as a believer. That's an official Christian Brainfart. We should treat every Sunday as if we have personally invited someone to Church and they are in attendance. Every Sunday should be done with excellence from the parking lot all the way to the Stage. When I have someone coming to church with me there's no way in Hades I'm missing that service, but when I don't?...don't look for me, because if I show up...I'll be late and if I don't show up...I've got something better to do. That's a brainfart and it sure does stink!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Christmas around the corner

Last year we gave people $50.00 to give away to someone in the community. This year, we're taking it to the next level...the gift revolution.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I go to Barnes/Noble once a week to grab a Grande White Chocolate Mocha on Skim with Whipped Cream and spend a couple/three hours studying. I figure since I get skim milk I can afford any extra calories from the whipped cream. Anyway, that is the drink I order about 9.9 times out of ten and everytime I get this from the employee..."would you like to up that to a Venti for only 35 cents?" I respond with, "No thanks." "Would you like a cookie or piece of pie with that?" "No thanks." Well, the other day I didn't respond like that. Instead it was more like this..."No ask me those same questions everytime I come in here." She sort of gave me a funny look and said..."I'm required to ask you." I said..."I figured you was." So, I got to thinking about that idea within Starbucks. For the customer, it may not be that big of a deal. But for a company that's selling coffee all around the's enormous. Just imagine how many people are asked that question each day and how many of them fall prey and say..."oh yeah...why not." Starbucks is already making a ton of money, but with 35 cents extra coming in thousands of times across the's adding up. My question is...will this work in the church? I say we try it out this weekend. If you see somebody singing just go up to them and say..."are you sure you don't want to sing a little louder?...maybe clap your hands?" Or, if you see someone dropping $10.00 in the basket during offering..."you know you could make God a little happier if you throw in an extra $5.00." What if you see someone working in the nursery..."hey, I bet God would really be proud of you if you started working in the nursery 2 times a month, rather than just's only one extra Sunday." Think about the's not much to ask a little extra from one person but when everyone in the church starts doing what an enormous difference! Starbucks may have something here. Ok, you're probably thinking I've gone over the deep end. Or, you figured out that one of my pet peeves is being asked something over and over when all I want is what I ordered. The truth is, whenever I give a little extra to's for their benefit. When I give a little extra to works for my benefit. If I give 35 extra cents for coffee, I get filled with a little bit more caffeine. When I give a little extra to God, I get filled with a lot more of Him. Starbucks may have to ask the customer for a little extra but the church shouldn't have to be asked. We should willingly come ready to give all we have for Him. Maybe God is asking all of us the Starbucks question..."are you sure you don't want to up that offering?"

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Archer Girls Entertainment

The girls have been messing around with the piano lately. It's a little out of tune but it gets the job done. Marinda plays, of course, so she has been teaching them when possible. I don't know how they pick it up so fast. I wish I had their talent.