Tuesday, July 31, 2007


We finished up competition #4 Sunday at the Jonesboro Bowling Center. It was a 4 on 4 matchup. Chris was out of town and Phillip was on Injured Reserve with a bad back. This is the 1st event of the series where we haven't been the favorite to win...so we didn't know what to expect. Jon Weese & Casey Faulkner were the big names for the Joes who teamed with Chip Black and Nick Saunders.

Here are the numbers for those interested:

Pros: 1,183

Mike- 142+167=309

Joes: 1,043


As you can see, Jon came out with the best score, but besides Nick, he didn't get much help. Solid play by the Pros helped us to take victory #4 on Sunday. This weekend will be the ladies in the skills competition. Good times!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pros vs Joes

Basketball was the sport of the week Sunday afternoon in our Pros/Joes match. Myself, Tommy & Chris were the Pros and Zach Methany, DJ Figgins & Scott Allen were representing the Joes. The 1st event was a shooting event. Each team had to kill 9 spots on the floor in the least amount of time by rotating shooters after every shot. The final shot was from halfcourt. This was a best of three match with the Pros taking the first two matches leaving the 3rd match unnecessary. The 2nd event was a 3-point shootout. Each shooter had to make as many as possible in less than 30 seconds. The combined total of each team was declared the winner. The Joes pulled out a shocker in winning this event by one point. The 3rd and deciding event was a game of 3 on3...two 10 minute halves. The Joes came out hot but after we got warmed up the final score read 50 to 39...Pros Victorious. So the Pros took the Basketball event leaving the overall score Pros 3 and Joes 0. This is a 7 event challenge so if the Pros take the next one...it's over. However, we're not going for the win...we are going for the sweep. The remaining events are Bowling, Volleyball, Tug of War & the Women's Skills Competition. The Skills Competition was scheduled for this weekend but, due to scheduling conflicts, we have moved it back a week so Bowling will be this weekend. Good luck Joes!
Tommy will be speaking this weekend on Focus and we have a special guest (Charlton Cupp) leading worship this Sunday. Don't miss this weekend, it will be a blast.

Friday, July 20, 2007


A little bit of off the wall stuff here. This is the last night of VBS. It's been fun but I'm glad it's coming to an end. Check out www.pandora.com You can type in any song or band and it will create a listening station for you with music that fits the style of your choice. It's the coolest thing in the world. You can listen to any type of music you're in the mood for.
Ok, so I'm ready for this weekend. We are in the "Is He in You" series and it's week two. James hit a homerun last Sunday to set the stage for this series. This Sunday I'll be sharing one of my favorite stories from the Bible and it's not Esther or Joseph. Perseverance is the key word for the weekend. We have like 3 videos to show this weekend...I love videos and slideshows. This weekends going to be good. Also, Sunday afternoon at 3:00 we are going to beat the crud out of the Joes in the shootout. I worked out today and shot around before I left...I've still got the touch and Tommy & Chris will be bringing their "A" game so look out Joes. The summer has been awesome so far. We haven't been under 100 yet so let's keep it going...actually let's not settle for maintaining but let's move forward. We can grow through the summer...just keep inviting your friends and show up yourself. See ya at VBS...if not see ya Sunday!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

Nothing central here just some thoughts that are on my mind:

VBS is going good this year...I love the sports theme.
I hit 9 for 9 Tuesday night at the Softball Games. I'm expecting 0 for 9 next time.
Washing my truck is like making the bed. Why do it? You're just going to mess it up tonight. I live down a gravel road.
I got a new laptop...it's sweet!
We are going to slaughter the Joes this Sunday afternoon on the hardwood.
I gave my dog leftover chicken bones last night and he ate them slowly. That's very strange. The heat has zapped his appetite.
We have a funny video to show this Sunday. Don't miss it!
I'm sick of hearing about Paris Hilton.
I really am starting to miss Lost. I love that show...come February come.
I stink at golf but I can knock the fool out of a ball on my Tiger Woods Wii game.
We have a couple people to baptize...you will find out soon.

That's pretty much it for now...back to studying for this weekend.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm back!

I haven't been able to blog in a couple weeks since the family & I went on vacation. I thought I would have internet in Orlando but it didn't work out so...sorry! Anyway, we had a great time getting away. We spent the first part of our vacation in Fort Walton with some close friends of ours, the Hillis family. We all stayed in the same place and we actually still talk to each other. It was a blast just hanging out on the beach and playing with the kids. We went from there to Orlando where we met up with some other close friends of ours from Ft. Lauderdale. We went to Disney 4 days, hit the Outlet Malls & chilled in the pool. Much fun was had in Orlando last week...we didn't want to leave but on the drive home I was ready to hit County Road 703. We actually made a pit stop in Canton Georgia to visit a church I had heard about. It's called "Ridgestone" and they meet in a Theater...it was pretty cool. There's really too much to share so I'll spare you all the details for now but I have attached some pictures from Ft. Walton & Orlando.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Pros vs Joes

We had a great time at the Park yesterday. The Building where we had the service and meal was very nice. And yes, it did rain. If we plan an outdoor event, it will rain. You can bank on it, but we still had a lot of fun. Also, we officially announced the upcoming events for the Pros vs Joes (Pastors vs Laypeople), which will kick off July 15th. Here are the events and the Pros:

July 15th
Darts-James Hewitt & Steve Walton
Archery-Steve Walton & Phillip Weese

July 22nd
Basketball Shootout-Michael Archer, Tommy Archer & Chris Moix

July 29th
Skills Competition-Ladies only! All the wives of the Leadership Team

August 5th
Bowling-Leadership Team

August 12th
Volleyball/Tug of War-Leadership Team

Sign-up cards are available at the church, so, if you have the skills...get involved!

Be ready for this weekend as Chris closes out the series "Taming the Tongue."

Have a great Monday!