Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pros vs Joes

Basketball was the sport of the week Sunday afternoon in our Pros/Joes match. Myself, Tommy & Chris were the Pros and Zach Methany, DJ Figgins & Scott Allen were representing the Joes. The 1st event was a shooting event. Each team had to kill 9 spots on the floor in the least amount of time by rotating shooters after every shot. The final shot was from halfcourt. This was a best of three match with the Pros taking the first two matches leaving the 3rd match unnecessary. The 2nd event was a 3-point shootout. Each shooter had to make as many as possible in less than 30 seconds. The combined total of each team was declared the winner. The Joes pulled out a shocker in winning this event by one point. The 3rd and deciding event was a game of 3 on3...two 10 minute halves. The Joes came out hot but after we got warmed up the final score read 50 to 39...Pros Victorious. So the Pros took the Basketball event leaving the overall score Pros 3 and Joes 0. This is a 7 event challenge so if the Pros take the next's over. However, we're not going for the win...we are going for the sweep. The remaining events are Bowling, Volleyball, Tug of War & the Women's Skills Competition. The Skills Competition was scheduled for this weekend but, due to scheduling conflicts, we have moved it back a week so Bowling will be this weekend. Good luck Joes!
Tommy will be speaking this weekend on Focus and we have a special guest (Charlton Cupp) leading worship this Sunday. Don't miss this weekend, it will be a blast.