Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Leadership is huge in the church. I read a story in Exodus 32 today where the Israelites made a golden calf to worship. Moses was on the mountain receiving the commandments that they were in the middle of breaking. Aaron was apparently the guy they turned to for leadership since Moses was with God. The people told Aaron to make them a god since Moses was no where in sight. Aaron did as they asked and the people were worshipping the idol when Moses came down from the mountain. 3,000 men died that day. Because Moses was away, they turned to Aaron for leadership and he made a mistake. He did what most people would do in that situation. He gave the people what they asked for, an idol. The problem was, God wanted to be their idol...their only idol. Aaron messed up because he listened to the people rather than listening to God. If you are a leader in any area of the church, it's easy to just do what the people say. That's the easy way out...even though it never works out. God is looking for people who will please Him...even if it goes against the popular vote. Who will you please? God or man?