Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Girls are nice...but they want to be bad.

Last night, I took advantage of the nice cool evening by building a few fires. Now, these could really be referred to as 'baby' fires. Like many of you, I had some major limb cleanup from the icestorm (and I still have more). Well, I built some pretty big fires and there's always leftover stuff that has to be raked and burned later. That's what I was doing last night in the backyard. It was just about dark and the girls were outside swinging and playing basketball when they decided to come over and play around one of the 7 fires I had going. I looked over and Micah had found a frog. She was holding it over the fire and said..."hey daddy, what will happen if I drop him in the fire?" I said, "he will either burn up or feel the heat and jump out." Maddie said..."throw him in the fire Micah." Now let's pause here for a little history of my childhood.

My brother Tommy and I had a little fun with frogs back in the day. We would get firecrackers...place one in a frogs mouth and put the frog on top of a fence post. After lighting the firecracker we would tap the frog on the rear just before it exploded and if the timing was good...the frog would blow up halfway down on his fall to the ground. Mean? Yeah, but I think most boys do stuff like that. Well, for the 1st time I saw the girls flirting with the line of 'cruelty' and I thought they were gonna cross...Maddie probably would have...back to story.

Micah sort of looked at the frog and then said something along the lines of..."I think I'll just let him go." As the frog was hopping off to safety I picked up the shovel and smashed it flat as a pancake and said..."that's how you finish what you start ladies!!!" Just kidding, I didn't do anything but I did learn something last night. We all have a little something inside of us that wants to do evil and that's why we have to depend on the only perfect person that ever walked this earth.."thank you Jesus."

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James Hewitt said...

I was expecting some kind of picture. One of the fire, or a frog, or even a shovel would have done.