Sunday, February 7, 2010

Commercial Contest Results

Click here to view the winning video.

Click here to view the losing video.

The winning group wins an evening of dining at the Olive Garden. Also, the winning group leader needs to contact the losing group leader to arrange childcare.

Special thanks to all groups for participating in the commercial contest. Great job by everyone! Enjoy the game tonight.

Here are the official voting results for all videos:

1st Place-Laubach-50
2nd Place-Weese-72
3rd Place-College & Career-77
4th Place-Youth-84
5th Place-Archer-90
6th Place-Taylor-91
7th Place-Moix-94
8th Place-Davis-114


The Devastator said...

Come on!!! The church was just afraid of how much it would cost to feed the Lewis Davis group!

Mike Archer said...

Haha...that's a good theory!

by Troy Gramling said...

Those are great! How about posting them all ... You guys are so much fun ... Praying God keeps doing big things...Troy

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