Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charge That Mountain

We've been reading through Matthew at the house and we were in Chapter 14 last night. Chapter 14 is the story of John the Baptist being beheaded...that's a good bedtime story. "All right kids, let's read about the time they brought a guy's head out on a platter." My oldest wanted to know if the blood was running all over the plate...I've never really thought about that, but it probably was. I guess it's a fitting story with Halloween around the corner. Anyway, the other two stories in Ch. 14 are the feeding of 5,000 and Peter walking on the water. Let's focus on the latter. The story is pretty simple, Jesus is walking on the water (no biggie for Him) and the disciples freak out because they think it's a ghost. Peter says "if it's you Lord, give the word." "Come." That's all Jesus says, "Come." You may know the rest of the story, Peter climbs out of the boat and walks on water (a biggie for him). The obedience and courage of Peter is pretty remarkable when you think about it. We ask people today, "will you work nursery?" "Can you get to church a little early to greet people as they show up?" "Would you be willing to help serve in a ministry at the church?" Most of the time the response is not quite like Peter's. Maybe we don't see the need, have the energy, possess the drive, I'm not sure. I heard guy say this not long ago, "find a mountain worth dying on and go charge that mountain!" I'll end with that.

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