Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Interview with a Soldier

Can you learn from the experiences of others?

I hope so, because that's exactly what we're trying to do in this series...Interview with a _________. Sunday it was an interview with a soldier. I interviewed Sergeant Quentin Bales of the 875th along with his wife Ginger. As many of you know, the 875th was deployed to Iraq for 12 months and they just returned home a few weeks ago. Tag on the 2months training in Wisconsin and that's 14 straight months away from their families. That's a huge sacrifice! Quentin & Ginger shared with us their initial reaction when they found out about the deployment, his experiences in Iraq (he went to Ur...land of Abram...pretty cool!) & how they survived during the 14 month separation. It was great to hear from someone "in the trenches." It's hard to know what really goes on with all the media coverage. One thing is for sure. The sacrifice was huge but it was given for something larger than the Bales...freedom. The same thing is true in our lives spiritually. There is a greater cause...building God's Kingdom. Quentin was willing to sacrifice his family for a year...are we willing to sacrifice that thing in our lives for the bigger vision? That's the tough part.

So, who will we learn from this Sunday? I already know, but you'll have to check back tomorrow!

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