Friday, June 20, 2008

Grilling, Chilling & Melting a House

The Hillis family came over last night to grill, chill & let the kids swim. I was cooking some potatoes, onions, peppers & zucchini on the grill. I usually just cut it up throw in some garlic and butter and wrap it in foil. I put it all on the top rack and let it slow cook. Unbeknownst to me, the butter had leaked out of the foil and started a small fire. My grill was close to the house, as it has been from day one. The picture says it all…I melted my house. I was pretty upset, but what can you do? What’s done is done…at least the food was good.

Why do we get so upset when we make mistakes in life? I melted part of my house, but 30 minutes later I was able to laugh it off. Why can’t we laugh off some of the mistakes we make in other areas of our life? I know many people that will make a mistake and let it ruin the rest of their life. Paul was a Christian persecutor and he didn’t let that stop him from being used by God to plant churches. Peter denied Christ 3 times, but he bounced back with a vengeance. James, the half brother of Jesus didn’t even believe in his brother in the beginning of His ministry, and he wrote the book of James…which stresses doing and not hearing only. Learning from these 3 guys and many other examples in the Bible will help us to get back up when me make mistakes and move on to where God wants us to go. So, the next time you melt your house…keep on grilling…at least the food will still be good.

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Misty Archer said...

I was flabbergasted when I saw your house. As for me, it would have taken a month for me to laugh. Way to go goofball-ha
ps thats what you get for leaving us behind while you go to the beach