Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Successful 1st Service!

You know that guy who always plans on doing stuff but he never remembers to do it when it needs to be done?...maybe you don't but I'm that guy. I had big plans of bringing my camera Sunday Morning, handing it off to someone in hopes that they would take some shots of the 1st service for me and I would be all cool and stick it on the blog this week...yeah, didn't happen. I totally forgot my camera. I guess I had too many things on my mind this weekend. Anyway, the service was pretty awesome...we kicked off a new series..."The Attic." The stage looks very cool. It was pretty sweet being able to walk in from backstage...we've never had that luxury before. I even had a couple teenagers as stage hands. I think they enjoyed it. The band sounded great...it was just a cool day. There was some added energy on Sunday also, probably fueled by the new building. My prayer is that we can keep this kind of feel and energy rolling. I'm pumped!!!

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