Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good Start

The 5th Grade Girls Basketball Team at Brookland went undefeated last year. My daughter, Micah, was the starting point guard for the team (following in her Dad's footsteps). This season we are expecting them to do well. Since they were undefeated last year it would make sense to have high expectations for this season. We had our 1st game last night against the Bay Yellowjackets. I'm proud to say we won 19 to 11. It was actually a pretty easy game, all 12 girls on the team received plenty of playing time. When basketball season kicks in it means busyness and go, go, go but it's all good 'cause I love this game. In fact, if it weren't for two small factors, (10 more inches on my height & 30 more inches on my verticle) I would be here. You know it's true!!!

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