Thursday, September 4, 2008


We had our 1st Cell meeting last night to kick-off the ministry season. Our group is going thru the book of Genesis...the beginning...starting next Wednesday that is. Last night was a night to cast vision to the group, so everyone is on the same page and play a couple games in the process. We played one game called myth or truth. It was men versus women and the men came out victorious. However, the funniest game of the evening went like this...each person had to name one item they want to get rid of and 3 reasons they want to get rid of it. For example, I may want to get rid of a TV. My's too small, has a short & the sound doesn't work. Also, I told each person to write one of four names at the bottom of the page for a separate game (I sort of fibbed.) Your spouse, Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law or a good friend. Here's the catch, after everyone handed me the papers I told them I was going to switch the item they wanted to get rid of with the name they put at the bottom of the page. Some came out very funny. Here's the list:

Carol Harral wants to get rid of her father-in-law because...
1) don't need
2) in the way
3) to help someone else
(hers was a tv)

Chip Black wants to get rid of his good friend Thomas "Cadillac Wheeler because...
1) it's 14 yrs. old
2) it has a slight short in it
3) High Def is the talk now
(his was also a tv)

Marinda wants to get rid of her mother-in-law because...
1) need space to put Michael's tools
2) to declutter my life more
3) to make Michael proud of me because I was able to let go of stuff.
(hers was stuff in the shed)

Tim Harral wants to get rid of his wife because...
1) don't want to move it (they're in the process of moving)
2) don't want to store in the attic of new house
3) won't be missed
(his was extra house decorations)

Zach Gilliam wants to get rid of his wife because...
1) in my way
2) need to get money back out of it
3) it's going to ruin
(his was store merchandise)

Jake Hillis wants to get rid of his wife because...
1) slick hide
2) worn laces
3) busted seams
(his was football)

Stephanie Gilliam wants to get rid of her mother-in-law because...
1) broken
2) too many (didn't really apply that's why you need 1 object...not multiple)
3) not played with
(hers was toys)

Cristi Hillis wants to get rid of her husband because...
1) taking up space
2) i'll never make anything out of it
3) i feel guilty for having them and not making anything with them (again, need 1 object)
(hers was bag of old jeans)

We're excited about this Cell season and all that God wants to do in and thru our group. Feel free to use this game at your next work party or family get together...I have lifted the copyright so you can have the freedom to use it as is, or tweak it. Later!


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